Oslo, Norway

Jenn and I flew with Norwegian Airlines, and it turned out to be one of the best flying experiences I’ve had. Which was great considering how long our trip was – We left JFK and had an 8 hour flight to Oslo, Norway. We had about a two hour layover and then flew 12 hours to Bangkok. The best part was that we were served vegan food on the plane for no additional charge – Yay!!!

I wish we had had extra time to explore Oslo a little bit while we were there. Because our connection was so short, I discovered a small list of things about Norway:

EXPENSIVE is an understatement. Jenn and I had two very small wraps (without drinks) for almost $30.

Aesthetic is important – the airport was beautiful. Indoor air plants decorated a lot of the walls, which I really adored. Oh, and Norwegian men are somehow all models…..

Maybe I’ll end up in Norway again in the future and discover more. It’s definitely on my list to see the Northern Lights!

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