My name is Sam and I’m a high school English teacher in Lomkao, Phetchabun, Thailand.

I prefer to write authentically, challenging common thought patterns, digging deeper to address both the troubling backstories and the uplifting silver linings. I enjoy reflecting on my experiences, sharing stories and inspiration for more contemplative travel and lifestyle habits.

I have found honesty and boldness, particularly among women, to be one of the most powerful forms of revolution:

“Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.” – Said in defense of Alice Paul, suffragette 1917 

Now, before you go – Take a deep breath in – really feel that breath, every moment of it, and let your shoulders fall from your ears as you exhale. Spend 20 seconds there, at least, and allow your eyes to close.

Take twenty seconds to blink. Enjoy the freshness of opening your eyes.

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