About Me

Sam Page is a traveling writer, content developer, teacher and yogi.

Originally from Florida, USA, Sam has been traveling and working through Southeast Asia and Oceania for more than two years. After teaching EFL in Thailand for 18 months, she is now based in Canberra, Australia and working at the Australian National University as a writer and content developer. 

Sam enjoys writing travel stories from a mindfulness perspective – reflecting on the magic of pause and presence.

Her stories challenge common thought patterns, addressing both the troubling backstories and the uplifting silver linings to encourage contemplative travel and lifestyle habits.

Sam enjoys collaborating with nonprofits and NGOs to advocate for causes within animal welfare, social justice and environmental sustainability.

Before you go, take a deep breath in. Really feel that breath, every moment of it, and let your shoulders fall from your ears as you exhale. Spend 20 seconds there, at least, and allow your eyes to close.

Don’t rush. Take twenty seconds to blink. Enjoy the freshness of opening your eyes.

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